All on 4

Trade Loose, Ill-Filtting Dentures For All-On-4 Dental Implants

You deserve to have a beautiful smile, but if you are missing one or more teeth you know what it feels like to have a compromised smile. Dr. Rand Ollerton uses 3D Surgical Guides to place dental implants, an innovative approach that allows us to place implants with a high degree of accuracy using implant planning software. Let us rebuild your smile with exceptional results!

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Benefits Of All-On-4

  • Minimally-invasive solution
  • Provides fixed full arch replacement with custom restoration
  • High patient satisfaction rates
  • Suitable for edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients
  • Only requires placement of four dental implants
  • Can improve speech, esthetics and function of the smile
  • Least costly treatment option compared to other implant treatments

Time To Say Goodbye To Removable Denetures?

Dentures have their merits and can be an affordable solution for many patients who have lost all their teeth. However, many denture wearers experience gum irritation and find it difficult to eat certain foods without the dentures slipping or moving. Dealing with messy adhesives and having to take the dentures out at night can be cumbersome. If you are tired of managing the complications and side effects of dentures, talk to us about some of today’s top alternatives.

What To Expect With All-On-4

The All-on-4® solution is made with Nobel Biocare implants, an industry standard in implant dentistry. These are highly durable and stable implants that are easy to attach to the fixed prosthesis that acts as your new set of teeth. Dr. Ollerton uses 3D guided surgical techniques to place the four implants in the ideal positions before securing the prosthesis. You will have a fully functional smile after your visit and can say goodbye to dentures for good.