HATE Your Teeth? Here’s A Surprisingly Affordable Plan For People With Missing Or Failing Teeth!


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New Patient Special Offer!
Only $89! Includes:

• Oral Cancer Screening
• Periodontal Evaluation
• X-rays
• Restorative Exam
• Record of Current Condition

Regular Fee - $497.00

Free Personalized “Before and After” Digital Image of Your Smile!

Digital imaging is simply the creation of a digitally encoded representation of the visual characteristics of a person’s smile. Through Digital Cosmetic Imaging you can actually see your future smile possibilities.  For the month March and we offering a…

FREE Digital Cosmetic Imaging RED CARPET Comparison Compare Your Current Smile To What Your Smile Could Look Like.

It’s simple, easy and quick! 
Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule an appointment to come into the office.
  2. We’ll take your picture (takes a couple of minutes),
  3. Your picture is send it off to the Digital Imaging Lab and they do the work.
  4. And then we get you back into the office, compare the “Current” photo to the “Digital” photo and explain how you can achieve that Red Carpet Smile.

There’s NO COST and NO OBLIGATION to do anything.

We Respect Your Privacy And Won’t Share Your Information.
You Will Receive The FREE Dentistry Cosmetic Coupon Immediately.

Affordable Monthly Payments
12 Months Interest Free!

HATE Your Teeth?

FREE $550 Cosmetic Evaluation Can Change Your Life!

Come In Now For
No-Cost, No-Obligation,
No-Pressure Implant Exam!

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Please be honest. If your teeth are gross, failing or missing, your everyday life can be pretty awkward.

No one will see your full smile, maybe not any smile at all – when you feel so embarrassed and self-conscious.

We know you want to be like others, who smile proudly showing their nice white teeth.

But…for whatever reason, you’ve held off taking action to resolve this unhappy issue. Maybe you think replacements are going to be uncomfortable, too expensive or otherwise not for you.

Please understand…you CAN have the smile you’ve always dreamed of without any pain…with surprisingly, affordable plans you could manage! (Most people are shocked when they discover how reasonably priced new implant technology is!)

So how about an offer you won’t want to miss:

For A Limited Time We’ll Provide A State-Of-The-Art, $550.00 Value Implant Exam For Free!

How can you pass this up? For the first time, you’ll be evaluated by a doctor using the latest technology at no cost, with no-obligation…to discover if you’re a candidate for one of these breakthrough dental treatments.

If you are like many folks, who are qualified to benefit from our services…we will privately discuss payment options so we can find the best plan for you. 

Many times, the first real smile we get from new patients is when they see how incredible their new teeth will look, without busting the budget! 

Want to show us your smile? We’d love to see it!

Let us evaluate you with a painless, quick exam. It could be the best move you’ll make all year.

Get your $550.00 Implant Exam for FREE!

Dr. Ollerton Explains His Use of 3D Printing
and Surgical Guides

Chelsea Shares Her Experience Of Getting
Her Front Tooth Repaired.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m in severe pain now! How fast can I get in?


We accept urgent cases 24-hours a day because we do not want any of our patients to suffer in needless pain. Call NOW and so we can squeeze you in TODAY!

Q: Do you use harsh or invasive treatments?


No. We believe a natural smile is a healthy and beautiful smile. Therefore, we offer expertise in the most advanced and modern forms of minimally invasive treatments that give you the best and longest-lasting implant, cosmetic, gum, and general dentistry results.

Q: Do you offer guarantees?


Your satisfaction is our greatest concern. Adjustments after treatment are free and part of your treatment plan to give you the best results possible.

Q: Are you expensive? I heard implants and other cosmetic work is unaffordable?


We know some dentists charge obscene amounts of money for cosmetic/restorative treatment. And to make things worse, they usually demand full payment up front.

But we don’t work that way.

We believe everyone deserves to afford the best dental health and enjoy the most attractive smile they can.

We accept many forms of insurance as well as offer affordable, easy payment plans.

We work with numerous financial partners that offer patients shockingly affordable financing plans and low down payments…which we can explain in detail when you come in for your appointment.

Q: What if I need a specialist?


We accept many forms of insurance. Click here to see a list of insurance plans we accept.

Q: What are your hours?


We have convenient times from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Plus, to accommodate your special needs we can schedule early morning, late evening, or Saturday appointments. Just call the office for our current availability.

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New Patient Special Offer!
Only $89! Includes:

• Oral Cancer Screening
• Periodontal Evaluation
• X-rays
• Restorative Exam
• Record of Current Condition

Regular Fee - $497.00

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