Root Canals

Trust Us To Save Your Smile With A Root Canval We always work to maintain the natural tooth structure. When we see patients with an infection or other symptoms that indicate a root canal, immediate treatment is a priority! Dr. Rand Ollerton performs root canals, a simple and relatively painless treatment that can restore and save your tooth, at his practice. If your tooth has been compromised and you are in pain, call us immediately for treatment.

Personalized Experince From A Caring Team

We take care of our patients by using the latest protocols and techniques to ensure lasting results. We understand you may be in a great deal of pain if you need a root canal and will take extra steps to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Dr. Ollerton may recommend sedation with nitrous oxide or even IV sedation to help you feel relaxed or even forget about most of your visit. Many patients undergoing root canal therapy are surprised at how simple the procedure actually is!

Trust us to save your smile the easy way.

Dangers Of Ignoring Root Canal Symptoms

Even though you may be able to live with throbbing pain for a while to avoid the dentist, an infection of the pulp tissue will only get worse. Ignoring root canal symptoms can cause:

  • Spreading of the infection
  • Complete destruction of tissues
  • Permanent tooth loss
  • Bite problems
  • Extreme discomfort when eating and speaking

Worry-Free Root Canal Therapy

The thought of getting a root canal is scary for many patients — we understand! However, this procedure is actually fairly simple and straightforward. We can use anesthetic to numb the tissue completely and offer sedation dentistry if you need more help feeling relaxed and comfortable. This is usually a one-visit treatment and we can even create a custom CEREC® crown to restore the tooth to its original shape and size that same day!