Laser Gum Treatment


Are you looking for a quick way to get rid of gum disease? Many patients diagnosed with gum disease are concerned about undergoing surgery or waiting weeks for the infection to clear. Dr. Rand Ollerton performs laser gum disease treatment, a proven and effective way to treat gum disease without scalpels and stitches.


Laser Gum Surgery is ideal for patients who do not want to deal with the pain, discomfort and long down time associated with traditional periodontal surgery. We do not need to cut away any gum tissue because we simply pass the laser over the infected area. The precision laser is powerful enough to kill up to 99% of the bacteria in the tissue without harming surrounding tissue. This eliminates the need for a long series of treatments, antibiotic therapy, and other treatments that may be needed to get gum disease under control.

We will numb the tissue so you will feel minimum discomfort or pain during treatment. We offer sedation dentistry options for patients that need it. The teeth will be free of infection after just one treatment and very clean — any periodontal pocketing from gum disease will start to resolve within a matter of weeks. We have seen many cases where the pocket depth drops by half after Laser Gum Surgery.


  • Conservative, minimally-invasive procedure
  • Recovery in less than 24 hours, in most cases
  • No time off work needed
  • Less discomfort than traditional periodontal procedures
  • No cutting of the gum tissue
  • No swelling
  • Minimal time at Dr. Ollerton’s office
  • Long-lasting results
  • Safe for all patients, even those taking medication

Mark Shares His Experience With Laser Dentistry At Half Moon Dental Care

Laser Gum Treatment

 “In my opinion the fact that Dr. Ollerton stays up on the latest and greatest dental technology keeps his patients coming back.  It gets easier and easier to go to the dentist as opposed to old school methods that I grew up with.  According to Dr. Ollerton I had some very deep pockets in my gums.  He explained that laser gum treatment could be a quick and easier option to repair those gum problems.   So we decided to proceed with the laser gum treatment.  After the treatment was only a matter of hours before I was able to function again.  As I recall I went to work the next day and there was no pain once the numbness wore off.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is contemplating having this treatment done!”

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