General Dentistry

“My Goal Is To Improve And Maintain The Quality Of Life By Using New And Innovative Techniques Expressly For The Benefit All My Patients!”

General dentistry can cover a vast array of procedures essential for the prevention of common dental health issues including tooth decay and gum disease.  Keeping your mouth healthy can also help eradicate other related dental problems including periodontal treatment, root canals, extractions and filings.

General Dentistry is a vast field including other dental services such as ceramic fillings, same day crowns, veneers, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, oral examinations, tooth restoration and multiple modalities of sedation including IV sedation.

We use the most to date equipment, technology and procedures to keep you healthy and to make sure you have the best and brightest smile possible.

trust us to save your smile with a root canal

We always work to maintain the natural tooth structure. When we see patients with an infection or other symptoms that indicate a root canal, immediate treatment is a priority! Dr. Rand Ollerton performs root canals, a simple and relatively painless treatment that can restore and save your tooth, at his practice. If your tooth has been compromised and you are in pain, call us immediately for treatment.

Easy wisdom teeth removal for better oral health

Having your wisdom teeth removed may not be something you look forward to, but many people have to have their wisdom teeth extracted to maintain good oral health. If the teeth in the back of your mouth are damaged or become infected, we have to remove them immediately to prevent further problems. Dr. Rand Ollerton performs tooth extractions right in his office with sedation dentistry to help alleviate pain and anxiety.

Barbera Shares Her Patient Experience At Half Moon Dental Care

“I have been coming here to Doctor Ollerton’s office for 20 years.
When he does a crown…he does it perfect!

Doctor Ollerton has a wonderful bedside manner and I recommend him to everyone.”

Half Moon Bay Dental Care Rand Ollerton

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