We all know we should have a professional tooth cleaning treatment in California every six months, but have you ever wondered why that is? Today we’re sharing the three questions about teeth cleaning we hear the most, and our answers to each. Hopefully, our answers will reveal why teeth cleaning is so important, and why you should see a dental professional for the procedure.

How often should I have professional teeth cleaning treatment in California?
No two people have exactly the same oral health, so it’s not practical to recommend the same schedule for every patient.

The best way to determine how often you should see your dentist is by speaking directly with your dental care professional. Ask them for their recommendations regarding how often you should visit and why. Your dentist can identify your specific risk factors and explain how they can help you with them and determine how often you should have your teeth cleaned.

Why should I see my dentist for professional teeth cleaning treatment in California?
When your teeth are professionally cleaned, you’re benefitting from several different services at the same time. First, they remove tartar from your teeth. Removing it early stops it from seriously affecting your gum and tooth health by causing disease or decay.

In addition, they can detect indications of more serious health conditions like gum disease or in some cases, mouth cancer. And the earlier your hygienist or dentist identifies these problems, the more effective the treatment that follows will be.

Implementing a routine dental cleaning routine has significant long-term health benefits. For instance, each time you visit your hygienist or dentist for professional teeth cleaning treatment in California, they can evaluate your personal oral care regimen and monitor the condition of possible dental issues to ensure that they don’t worsen.

What can hygienists and dentists do that I can’t?
When plaque isn’t removed, it hardens into tartar, which triggers tooth decay, but it’s much more difficult to get rid of. In addition to the possibility of cavities, tartar can lead to gum disease and recession. Unfortunately, it can’t be removed by flossing and brushing better at home. The only reliable way to accomplish this is with the help of a professional.

Hygienists and dentists use specially designed instruments to battle deposits of tartar and eliminate them from the gums and teeth. Without professional teeth cleaning treatment in California, tartar will continue to collect and cause increasingly serious problems.

So, how long has it been since your last teeth cleaning? If you’re overdue, contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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