A deep dental cleaning is needed to treat gum disease. We have found that many of our patients are searching for a non-invasive solution to treat their gum disease. By far, the best option for them is laser dental cleaning in California.
During traditional deep dental cleanings, the gum tissue needs to be pulled away from the tooth structure so a metal dental tool can scrape away the plaque and tartar that has built up on the teeth. It is an effective treatment method, but it is invasive and will cause irritation.
Following the procedure, most patients experience swollen gums and bleeding gums, and have difficulty brushing and eating for several days to weeks due to gum irritation.
That is why we use modern technology to make our laser dental cleaning in California as comfortable as possible. This procedure can be performed without irritation or swelling, and the procedure is just as effective as traditional methods.

Why You Get Gum Disease

In most cases, gum disease develops as a result of the buildup of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth just below the gum line. This area is quite difficult to clean properly at home. In fact, it is typically impossible because the toothbrush cannot reach it. However, patients can help prevent this buildup by brushing twice
a day and flossing at least daily.
Once the gap catches plaque there, the only way to remove it is to schedule a deep dental cleaning. Additionally, some people are at higher risk of developing gum disease in general. This includes those patients who are pregnant, smoking, chewing tobacco, or diabetic.

Laser Dental Cleaning in California is a Better Option

Patients feel much better following a laser procedure than with traditional treatment. Lasers produce extremely fine beams of energy that are used to target the plaque and tartar without pulling the gum tissue away from the teeth.
This allows the plaque to be broken up and zapped away. As a result, the irritation is eliminated so the gums can return to good health. Other benefits of lasers include the following.
No Swelling: Lasers will not irritate the patient’s gums, so there will be no significant swelling as a result of the procedure. This means that the gums will look far healthier after the appointment than with a traditional deep dental cleaning.
No Discomfort: Since there is very little discomfort, if any, associated with laser dental cleanings in California, most patients do not require any anesthesia when having a deep dental cleaning. With traditional methods, anesthesia is an absolute must.
Minimal Bleeding: Lasers can be used to actually help stop any bleeding during the procedure. This is incredibly useful for treating both the gums and teeth.
Quick Recovery Time: Since the gums will not be swollen or irritated and the patients don’t experience any significant bleeding, the recovery time following a laser dental cleaning in California is far less than other treatments. Most patients find that within a day or two they can return to their normal eating habits without
any form of discomfort.
The benefits of laser dental cleaning in California far outweigh those of traditional deep cleaning methods. To experience it for yourself, call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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