CEREC® Same-Day Dental Crowns


If you need a crown or bridge to restore your smile, say goodbye to goopy impressions and weeks of treatment in favor of our one-visit solution. CEREC® is an innovative treatment option that allows us to fabricate a beautiful, custom crown at our office. This means you can be in and out of our office with a crown or bridge in just one office visit!


Same-day restorative dentistry makes your life easier! We know you live a busy lifestyle and we want to make sure our patients receive the highest level of care. Dr. Rand Ollerton has extensive experience rebuilding smiles with CEREC® crowns and bridges. He will customize the treatment plan to ensure you get a new set of teeth that look very natural. After adjusting your bite, you will be ready to smile with confidence again! We also offer veneers with CEREC®, a customized cosmetic dentistry solution for a flawless smile.



  • Customized crowns
  • Beautiful porcelain veneers
  • No messy molds or impressions needed
  • No lab work required
  • All work performed in-house
  • No temporaries!
  • Shorter appointment times
  • Natural looking results with quality porcelain
  • High-quality ceramic construction less prone to cracks
  • Non-invasive treatment options


There is no better time to restore damaged teeth and rebuild your smile! The sooner you get this done, the sooner you will be showing off a smile you can be proud of. CEREC® is more convenient than traditional crowns, bridges, and veneers because patients do not need to worry about temporaries — everything is done in house in one visit. Dr. Ollerton uses the latest techniques and protocols to minimize trauma to the tissues. We also have sedation dentistry options available for patients that need them.

Chelsea Shares Her Experience Of Getting Her Front Tooth Repaired.

Repaired Front Tooth

“About three years ago I was chewing and cracked my front tooth.  The break made the tooth look bad cosmetically.  Dr. Ollerton ordered special material so that the repair would match my tooth exactly, he did not use just what he had on hand.  Also, before he did the permanent work he did a temporary restoration to show me what it would look like once it was fixed.  In the past it had been repaired before and it was not smooth and I was always afraid that something would snag on it and pop it off.  When Dr. Ollerton fixed it the repair was so smooth and invisible that I feel it will last a long time and so far I have had no problems with it.”

 “It was important to me that he took the time to get the tooth just right. I did not mind waiting for the extra supplies to come in because it was my front tooth.  I was self conscious every time I would smile when it was broken and when it had been fixed i n the past it would end up looking slightly different than the adjacent tooth.  I missed not having my original smile.  I do have more confidence knowing that my tooth now looks like it did originally.  There are so many other things to worry about when it comes to one’s appearance that it is worth it to know that it even if it is difficult to fix, it was worth it to me to know that it would be fixed right and that it was done in a way that it would not come off and that no one, including myself can tell that it is there.  When I eat I do not worry about it.  When I feel it is smooth.  I am so happy!”

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