Scholars believe that wisdom teeth are the answer to eating raw meats, vegetables, and roots. This third set of molars typically come in during the “wisdom years” which is between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. These teeth are not always functional and can crowd the mouth or create other issues in the future. So when should you consider a wisdom tooth extraction in California?

Common Causes for Wisdom Teeth Removal 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in California

  1. Improper Growth: Wisdom teeth can sometimes take up too much space in the mouth and there is no procedure that can make the teeth all fit together. The only option is a tooth extraction in California.
  2. Irritation and Pain: If these teeth become painful, your dentist can determine if it is the actual wisdom teeth or something else that is causing it. In some cases, this pain subsides on its own and no extraction will be required.
  3. Pain While Eating: If you experience pain while eating, you may need a wisdom tooth extraction in California. Food could be getting stuck in between the gums and the tops of the teeth, causing a variety of problems.
  1. A Cyst: When a sac next to the teeth becomes filled with fluid, this is called a cyst. Left untreated, it can ruin bones, roots and surrounding structures and even develop into a tumor that will require surgery.
  1. Crooked Teeth: If the wisdom teeth grow in crooked, they can shift the other teeth and possibly even damage them. A tooth extraction in California can prevent this from occurring.
  1. Sinus Problems: Most people wouldn’t think that wisdom teeth can cause sinus problems, but these issues arise when teeth grow in on the upper jaw. While this problem doesn’t happen frequently, wisdom teeth can sometimes lead to sinus pain, pressure, headaches, and congestions. 
  1. Cavities: The position of the wisdom teeth can have a big impact on cleaning surfaces where bacteria can hide. If the gums become irritated, pockets can develop between the teeth and cause bacteria to grow, resulting in cavities.
  2. Inflamed Gums: When these teeth are coming in, gum tissue can trap small particles of food and bacteria making it hard, inflamed, and difficult to clean. This can also affect wisdom teeth that are still underneath your gums.

Should You Get Wisdom Teeth Removed?

You don’t have to live with any of these issues. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms and want to know if you need a tooth extraction in California call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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